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Shadow Panther's Classic Rogue Site

ShadowPanther - Classic


Six years ago, I stepped away from and World of Warcraft. For many players, this game was a time-consuming diversion, but for me it had become a second job. I simply couldn't keep up with the frenzied pace of changes from expansion to expansion and still have enough time to actually play the game. When it stopped being fun, I simply wasn't motivated to continue with my site or the game. And for me, the two were inexorably linked. I couldn't enjoy one without the other, so I felt like I had to give up both.

Since then, the game has passed me by and I've had no desire to return. However, players continued contacting me through my site, and the question I would get most frequently was - where could they find archives of my charts? It seems that many players had migrated to private servers to relive previous versions of WoW. Unfortunately, the charts and resources on my site had evolved many times over the eight years I'd played and weren't terribly useful for anyone playing a Rogue on a much earlier version of the game. So, I usually just pointed them to the WayBack Machine archives of my site in the hopes that it would meet their needs.

Then I received an email last November from a player named Ghostknife asking if I would be returning for "Vanilla WoW". I didn't know what he was talking about and frankly had little interest in finding out at the time, since I was pretty adamant about staying away from the game. So I never looked into it and almost another year passed by. Then, about a month ago, I received an email from M. Sylvester asking if I would release a 1.12 version of my site for Classic WoW. Well, after weeks of digging through backups, I've finally gathered and updated many of my old files and charts from late 2006, which can now be found in the links above. Enjoy!

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