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World of Warcraft Rogue Glyphs Chart
Created by Shadow Panther (Zodar on the US Earthen Ring Server)
This chart lists all Rogue Inscription Glyphs with recommendations for optimal Glyphs to use in PVP, PVE & leveling.
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Shadow Panther's Powerleveling Guide for Rogues - Ideal Gear, Talent Specs & Level-by-Level Recommendations
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Minor Glyphs Lev Skill PVP PVE Lvlg Description
Glyph of Blurred Speed 25 75 X X X Enables you to walk on water while your Sprint ability is active.
Glyph of Decoy 34 80 X     When you Vanish, you leave behind a brief illusion that very closely resembles you.
Glyph of Detection 25 385 X     Teaches you the ability Detection. Focus intently on trying to detect something.
Glyph of Disguise 25 255       When you Pick Pocket a humanoid enemy, you also copy their appearance for 5 min. Your disguise will unravel upon entering combat.
Glyph of Distract 28 75 X X X Increases the range of your Distract ability by 5 yards.
Glyph of Hemorrhage 29 385 X     Your Hemorrhage ability only causes lingering damage over time to targets that were already afflicted by a Bleed effect.
Glyph of Killing Spree 80 430   X   Your Killing Spree returns you to your starting location when the effect ends.
Glyph of Pick Lock 25 75       Reduces the cast time of your Pick Lock ability by 100%.
Glyph of Pick Pocket 25 75       Increases the range of your Pick Pocket ability by 5 yards.
Glyph of Poisons 25 75 X     You apply poisons to your weapons 50% faster.
Glyph of Safe Fall 48 75 X X X Increases the distance your Safe Fall ability allows you to fall without taking damage.
Glyph of Tricks of the Trade 78 430   X   Your Tricks of the Trade ability no longer costs Energy, but also no longer increases the damage dealt by the target.
Major Glyphs Lev Skill PVP PVE Lvlg Description
Glyph of Adrenaline Rush 40 210   X X Your Adrenaline Rush ability also reduces the global cooldown of your Sinister Strike, Revealing Strike, Eviscerate, Rupture, and Slice and Dice abilities by 0.2 sec.
Glyph of Ambush 25 340     X Increases the range on Ambush by 5 yards.
Glyph of Blade Flurry 25 385   X X Your attacks have a 30% higher chance of applying Non-Lethal poisons while Blade Flurry is active.
Glyph of Blind 38 180 X     Your Blind ability also removes all damage over time effects from the target.
Glyph of Cheap Shot 30 385 X     Increases the duration of your Cheap Shot by 1 sec.
Glyph of Cloak of Shadows 58 430 X   X While Cloak of Shadows is active, you take 40% less physical damage.
Glyph of Crippling Poison 25 385       Increases the chance to apply Crippling Poison to your target by an additional 20%.
Glyph of Deadly Momentum 25 430     X When you land a killing blow on an opponent that yields experience or honor, your Slice and Dice and Recuperate abilities are refreshed to their original duration.
Glyph of Debilitation 25 105 X     Your Eviscerate and Envenom abilities also reduce the target's movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.
Glyph of Evasion 25 95     X Increases the duration of Evasion by 5 sec.
Glyph of Expose Armor 36 120       Your Expose Armor ability causes three applications of Weakened Armor.
Glyph of Feint 44 305   X   Increases the duration of Feint by 2 sec.
Glyph of Garrote 48 135 X     Increases the duration of your Garrote ability's silence effect by 1.5 sec.
Glyph of Gouge 25 160       Your Gouge ability no longer requires that the target be facing you.
Glyph of Kick 25 385       Increases the cooldown of your Kick ability by 4 sec, but this cooldown is reduced by 6 sec when your Kick successfully interrupts a spell.
Glyph of Recuperate 25 385 X   X Increases the healing of your Recuperate ability by an additional 0.5% of your maximum health.
Glyph of Sap 25 185       Increases the duration of Sap against non-player targets by 80 sec.
Glyph of Shadow Walk 72 385 X     Your Shadow Walk ability also increases your stealth detection while active.
Glyph of Shiv 74 235 X     Reduces the cooldown of your Shiv ability by 2 sec.
Glyph of Smoke Bomb 85 385 X     Increases the duration of your Smoke Bomb by 2 sec.
Glyph of Sprint 26 285 X X X Increases the movement speed of your Sprint ability by an additional 30%.
Glyph of Stealth 25 430 X     Reduces the cooldown of your Stealth ability by 4 sec.
Glyph of Vanish 34 430 X     Increases the duration of your Vanish effect by 2 sec.
Glyph of Vendetta 69 430 X     Reduces the damage bonus of your Vendetta ability by 5% but increases its duration by 10 sec.
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