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Shadow Panther's TBC Rogue Site

ShadowPanther - WotLK


ShadowPanther - WotLK

TBC Work in Progress...


  • All Vanilla Classic Era files have been copied over to ShadowPanther Classic.
  • I've converted numerous Wowhead links in my TBC charts and articles to current TBC Wowhead links with working tooltips.
  • Unfortunately, some of my other resources from 2008 still used Thottbot links, so it's going to take more work to get those fixed.
  • More updates to come...

Classic Complete


I've finally conquered Classic, and not a moment too soon. I didn't really have any concrete goals going into Classic, but after getting back into raiding, I realized that I still had some unfinished business from 15 years ago. My original Rogue from Vanilla, Zodar, had completed a full T2 set with CTS/Thunderfury. However, after my old guild fell apart, I never got to complete AQ or Naxx. So, this time, with much help from my new guild, WAKE, I was able to fully experience both of those raids, finishing up with a full T3 set + Gressil/Iblis. And that's just my main Rogue. I have two other Rogues, a Warrior and an entire guild of 36 Warlocks across 4 accounts that I've used to set up a summoning service to move all my characters around quickly.

Zodar 2021

Now it's time to focus on Burning Crusade Classic. I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks, both in game and on my site. I've already stored 20 quests on all 8(!) of my level 60 characters to help me get a jump start on leveling to 70 and setting up summons in Outland. As far as my site is concerned, I've moved the current Classic files onto a Classic Era section of my site while the charts and articles in the main part of my site will transition to Burning Crusade Classic. It's certainly going to be a busy few weeks for me as we approach the release of that highly anticipated expansion.

ShadowPanther - TBC


In preparation for the possible expansion of Classic into The Burning Crusade, I've restored an archive of my entire site (warts and all) as it was at the end of TBC. Enjoy!

ShadowPanther - TBC

Past Updates