Zodar's Rogue Leveling Tips

Sword or Mace Combat/Assassination is usually considered to be the best build for leveling because it has superior
sustained damage and does not rely on positional attacks. It's also a respectable build for PVP. Dagger builds are
not optimal for leveling because it can be tricky to pull off multiple Backstabs when mobs are always trying to face
you. If you're Sinister Striking with daggers - DON'T. Sinister Strike is for non-daggers. Backstab is for daggers.

With Swords and Maces you don't have to worry about positioning - just smash away with Sinister Strike. Fist
builds work much the same way. Unfortunately, when you're leveling, good fist weapons are few and far between.

The best advice for new Rogues is drop the Daggers and get training for Swords/Maces. Trainers can be found here:

Alliance Horde
Swords Maces Swords Maces
Stormwind: Woo Ping
Exodar: Handiir
Ironforge: Buliwyf Stonehand
Exodar: Handiir
Undercity: Archibald
Eversong Woods: Duelist Larenis
Silvermoon: Ileda
Thunder Bluff:

With a Sword or Mace Combat/Assassination build, you'll want a hard hitting main hand weapon for maximum
Sinister Strike damage and a fast offhand weapon for increased proc effects like poisons, weapon specialization,
Combat Potency, etc. Until you pick up a weapon specialization (level 30+), feel free to use a fast offhand Dagger.
If you have gold to spare, Fiery Weapon is a good, cost-effective enchant to use on your weapons while leveling.

Ideal Weapons in each Level Range
19-24 MH Shadowfang, Skeletal Club, Diamond Hammer
OH Harpy Skinner, Brackclaw, Evocator's Blade, Doomspike, Blackfang
25-34 MH Zealot Blade, Windstorm Hammer, The Butcher, Outlaw Sabre
OH Vendetta, Cross Dagger of the Monkey, Honed Stiletto of the Monkey, Doomspike, Blackfang
35-44 MH Stonevault Bonebreaker, Vanquisher's Sword, Ardent Custodian, Midnight Mace
OH Dazzling Longsword, Knightly Longsword, Battlecaster's Edge, Ebony Boneclub, Mug O' Hurt
45-50 MH Bloodrazor, Thrash Blade, Gryphon Rider's Stormhammer, Belgrom's Hammer
OH Dazzling Longsword, Rune Sword of the Monkey/Tiger/Bear/Power, Mug O' Hurt
51-59 MH Krol Blade, Assassination Blade, Bloodrazor, Baron Charr's Sceptre, Gryphon Rider's Stormhammer
OH Hanzo Sword, Dimensional Blade of the Monkey/Tiger/Bear/Power
60-64 MH 60 GM/HWL Weapon, Fist of Reckoning, Shadowrend Longblade, Warden's Hammer
OH Hanzo Sword, Dimensional Blade, Hellfire Skiver, Madman's Blade, Blood-Guided Knife
65-69 MH 60 GM/HWL Weapon, Mag'hari Fury Brand, Nexus-Claw, Ripfang Paw, Master Smith's Hammer
OH Void-Talon, Whistling Sword, Pulse Dagger, Vibro Shanker, Dib'Muad's Crysknife, Hungering Bone Cudgel

Your attack sequence will vary, depending upon the circumstances, but will generally go something like this:

Garrote/Cheap Shot > Slice and Dice > Sinister Strike x 5 > Rupture/Eviscerate/Kidney Shot

Here are some sample attack routines to use for different scenarios (more mobs require higher level abilities):

Targets Sample Attack Routines
1Garrote, SnD, SSx5, Evis
2Garrote mob #1, SnD, switch to mob #2, BF, SSx5, Evis
3Garrote mob #1, SnD, switch to mob #2, AR, BF, Evasion, SSx5, Evis, SnD, SSx5, Evis
4Sap mob #1, wait for energy regen, Garrote mob #2, SnD, switch to mob #3, AR, BF, Evasion, SSx5, Evis, SnD, SSx5, Evis, repeat until all unsapped mobs are dead, kill the Sapped mob
5Sap mob #1, wait for energy regen, Garrote mob #2, SnD, switch to mob #3, AR, BF, Evasion, SSx5, Evis, repeat until only 1 unsapped mob remains, Blind the unsapped mob, bandage, kill the Blinded mob, kill the Sapped mob
6+Sap mob #1, wait for energy regen, Garrote mob #2, SnD, switch to mob #3, AR, BF, Evasion, SSx5, Evis, SnD, SSx5, Evis, finish off any mob about to die, Sprint, CloS, Vanish, eat/bandage, return and mop up the rest
Abbreviations: SnD: Slice and Dice, SS: Sinister Strike, Evis: Eviscerate, BF: Blade Flurry, AR: Adrenaline Rush, CloS: Cloak of Shadows

Here are some sample Sword/Mace Combat/Assassination talent trees with key talents in each level range:

Talent Specs
Level 20
Level 30
Level 40 Sword
Level 40 Mace
Level 50 Sword
Level 50 Mace
Level 61 Sword
Level 61 Mace
Level 70 Sword
Level 70 Mace
Key Talents
Riposte Blade
Combat Potency
Surprise Attacks
Vile Poisons

This talent build focuses on pure damage and excels in toe-to-toe PVE combat. At higher levels, this build shines in
its ability to handle multiple mobs effectively with the burst potential of Adrenaline Rush + Blade Flurry. Those two
talents are especially useful when leveling, since they give you the unique ability to power your way through groups of
mobs or tough boss mobs that might otherwise prevent you from completing a quest. That's why I recommend going
straight up the Combat tree before switching to the Assassination tree, so you can pick up those key talents ASAP.

As long as you're mostly fighting mobs that are easy to kill and don't live very long, use dual Instant Poisons.
However, if you're fighting against mobs that take longer to kill, switch your main hand to Deadly Poison.
Focus on fighting Humanoids whenever possible because they can be pickpocketed (level up that Lockpicking
skill!), they can be disarmed (Riposte minimizes damage you receive, reducing downtime), and they drop plenty
of cloth (bandages are great for leveling.) They can also be Garroted/Ruptured, unlike Undead/Elemental mobs.

Here are some simple macros that you may find useful while leveling:

Stealth Opener: Pick Pocket + Garrote Main Attack with Automatic Riposte
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Garrote
/castrandom Sinister Strike, Riposte

I recommend Skinning/Mining while you're leveling. Send all of the mats to an alt, then you'll have just about
everything you need for any crafting profession you choose (Leatherworking, Engineering, Jewelcrafting or
Blacksmithing.). Once you reach 70, drop one or both gathering professions for your crafting professions.

When it comes to leveling gear, keep an eye out for "Monkey" items that have Agility & Stamina. Other
stats like Attack Power, Crit & Hit Rating are also good to have. Strength is a fairly mediocre stat for
Rogues, providing nothing more than 1 AP, whereas Agility gives 1 AP plus Crit, Dodge and Armor.

Whether you're twinking or leveling, you can find the best gear listed in my Twink/Leveling charts:

Rogue Powerleveling Chart

Twink Armor Charts Twink Weapons Charts
Levels 19-59 Levels 60-69 Levels 19-59 Levels 60-69


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