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Zodar's Notepad

This is a simple "notepad" I use to answer frequently asked questions on the Rogue forums. All I have to do is copy and paste the appropriate response based on the question being asked. It's quick and efficient, allowing me to provide a lot of useful information with a minimal amount of effort. Each of the links below takes you to a page filled with information about a specific Rogue subject as well as links to external sites where players can seek further insight.

You can find leveling specs, gear, etc. here:

Rogue Leveling Tips

You can find Twink specs, gear, etc. here:

Rogue Twink Resources

Other Rogue Twink Resources

You can find PVE specs, gear, etc. here:

Rogue PVE Resources

Other Rogue PVE Resources

You can find links to current spreadsheets and spreadsheet tutorials here:

Rogue PVE Resources

You can find PVP specs, gear, etc. here:

Rogue PVP Resources

Other Rogue PVP Resources

You can find the best Level 80 Rogue starter gear here:

PVE Rogue Starter Gear

PVP Rogue Starter Gear

Rogue Starter Weapons

You can find comparisons of the PVE & PVP benefits of each race here:

Rogue Races Chart

You can find comparisons of the PVE & PVP benefits of each profession here:

Rogue Professions Chart

You can also find powerleveling guides for these professions here:

Powerleveling Guide for Leatherworking

Powerleveling Guide for Blacksmithing

Powerleveling Spreadsheet for Engineering

You can find a list of useful sites for other classes here:

Useful Class Sites