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Recent Updates


I've restored an archive of my entire site (warts and all) as it was at the end of TBC. Enjoy!


I've updated all of my Consumables charts with Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips, which
means that my entire site has now been converted to Wowhead links for your convenience.


I've updated all of my Resistance Gear charts with Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips.


I've updated my Enchantments and Gems charts with Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips.


I've updated all of my Twink Weapons charts with Item Levels and Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips.


I've updated all of my Twink Armor charts with Item Levels and Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips.
I've also updated my 0 to Drakefist Blacksmithing Guide with skill level progressions and Wowhead links.


I've updated my level 70 Weapons Charts with Item Levels and Wowhead links with mouseover tooltips.


I have updated my Arena/Karazhan Ready guides for the start of Arena Season 4. If you have previously
purchased a guide, you can go back to the Download Link provided in your "Order Info" email to download
the updated guide. If your Download Link has expired, you can use that link to request additional downloads.
If you have lost or deleted your "Order Info" email, contact me and I will send you a copy for your records.


I've created a new chart that's specifically tailored towards players who have tons of gold and want to level
up an Alt / Twink Rogue as quickly as possible. This chart contains the best possible gear, enchantments &
consumables that can be purchased to powerlevel your Rogue. This chart doesn't include Quest/BoP items,
so you'll want to cross-reference my Twink Charts to see if specific upgrades are really worth purchasing.

Rogue Powerleveling Chart


Kagero has created configuration settings for using the Pawn mod to calculate AEP/MAEP values in game.


After receiving requests from multiple players, I've added a Rogue Avoidance Tank Armor Chart to my site.
This chart is based on the excellent work done by Gaeowyn of Illidan, a Rogue who has successfully tanked
Mother Shahraz and Gruul, in addition to other bosses. Rogue Avoidance Tanking relies heavily on Agility,
Defense Rating, Dodge Rating and Parry Rating to achieve 100% or better avoidance from physical attacks.

Rogue Avoidance Tank Armor Chart


I've updated my weapons and armor charts with the new Arena Season 4 Brutal Gladiator & Guardian gear.


0 to Drums
A Powerleveling Guide
for Leatherworking


I've made some adjustments to my Weapons charts, increasing the MAEP value for DPS and decreasing the
MAEP value for Average Damage. Now that I've broken out the Weapon Ratings into two distinctly different
fields (AEP for PVP and MAEP for PVE) I felt that these adjustments were necessary to better reflect PVE
main hand rankings. As always, my charts don't take talent specs into account, so if you don't like the values
I've used, you're welcome to download my customizable XLS Charts and use whatever values work for you.


I have just finished revising my Arena/Karazhan Ready guides for the new 2.4 patch. If you have previously
purchased a guide, you can go back to the Download Link provided in your "Order Info" email to download
the updated guide. If your Download Link has expired, you can use that link to request additional downloads.
If you have lost or deleted your "Order Info" email, contact me and I will send you a copy for your records.


I've updated my Nature Resistance Gear Chart to help people prepare for Felmyst from Sunwell Plateau.


I've been making various improvements to my site over the past few weeks:

1. I added 2 separate links to each Armory in my PVP Rogue Armories Chart in case one site is down.
2. I added Wowhead links to each of the items and abilities in my Stealth Chart and Leveling Tips page.
3. I added a set of Sample Attack Routines for increasing numbers of targets to my Leveling Tips page.
4. I added Wowhead links to my Talent Spec charts, and updated the Shadowstep and Mutilate specs.


I know that this has been long overdue, but I've finally updated my Fire Resistance Gear Chart.


I'm always looking for ways to improve the usefulness of my charts. With this in mind, I've converted all of the
links in my main level 70 armor charts to Wowhead links, complete with built-in mouseover tooltips. Enjoy!


Lately, I've noticed some players on the Rogue Forums using some of my charts incorrectly, so I've made a FAQ
to answer common questions about my site and to clear up some confusion about how to properly use my charts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Epic Forum Thread


I've separated my Main Weapons chart into two separate PVP & PVE Weapons charts:

PVP Weapons Chart

PVE Weapons Chart


To help people navigate my site more easily, I've created two separate resource pages:

Shadow Panther's PVP Resources

Shadow Panther's PVE Resources


I've added more 2.4 items to my armor/weapons charts and I've also revised my Talent Spec charts by adding
2.4 Mutilate specs that include the new Puncturing Wounds talent that will be replacing Improved Backstab.


I've started adding new items from the 2.4 PTR to my Armor and Weapons charts.


I've consolidated a few of my charts and tried to organize my site a little bit better.
One change that I've made is to remove the redundant DAEP formula from my charts.
Now there are two main formulas being used - - AEP for PVP and MAEP for PVE.
I also split the weapon AEP column in my weapons charts into AEP/MAEP columns.
Hopefully these changes will reduce confusion and make my charts more user friendly.


Shadow Panther�s Guide for Getting Arena Ready
A Guide to Preparing Level 60-70 Rogues for Endgame PVP


I've been very busy working on several related projects over the past few weeks...

Rogue Talent Tree Analysis
An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Rogue Talents, Talent Trees and Talent Specs.

Rogue Talent Calculator
An Excel-based Talent Calculator for Rogues that calculates PVE/PVP values for your Spec.

Rogue PVE Specs & Rogue PVP Specs
A listing of the major PVE and PVP talent specs using the Rogue Talent Calculator format.


Improving AEP for Level 70 PVP


Happy New Year!

I've put together a chart that compares the specs, ratings, stats, gear, gems and enchantments
of certain noteworthy and influential PVP Rogues from the Rogue Forums. This information
can be used to help you see what some of the "pros" are doing to maximize their gear and stats
for high-level PVP. This data is a static snapshot of their current Armory info as of today.

PVP Rogue Armories Chart


I finally got around to updating my Shadow Resistance Chart for those working on Black Temple.


I'd like to bring two PVP-related items to everyone's attention:

1. As of 11/27/07, all level 70 Rogues should have a set of 90+ DPS weapons (S1 or better).
2. I just added Vindicator's Dragonhide Bracers to my charts and the results are surprising.


I've made a few more adjustments to my AEP/DAEP/MAEP formulas. I slightly increased the
value of Expertise for PVE/Raiding and slightly decreased the value of Hit Rating for PVP.
I also made some changes to my Weapons charts, adding Speed, DPS and Average Damage
values to the top of each chart. Now, if you disagree with the weighting of those values,
you can download the XLS versions of my charts and modify them however you see fit.


I've made some adjustments to my AEP/DAEP/MAEP formulas. To minimize the effect of less
useful stats like Dodge & Armor, I've reduced their value from .01 to .001. Doing so has caused
the relative value of Crit Rating in my AEP Balance Sheet to increase slightly from .85 to .90.
I've also decreased the value of Stamina in my MAEP formula from .05 to .01 to more closely
model the true value of items when evaluating them for maximum raid DPS. In addition to that,
I've increased the value of Strength and Agility in my MAEP formula by 10% to account for the
Blessing of Kings buff, which you'd normally expect to have in raid situations. And finally, I've
given Armor Penetration effects a small increase in value from .10 to .15 in all three formulas.


Thanks to Zvi who has sent me about a dozen item changes that I've added to my Twink Charts.


Shadow Panther's Basic Tips for Improving Your Rogue


I've updated my 19-59 Twink Armor Chart with the 2.3 changes and additions to gear.


I've increased the value of Relentless Earthstorm Diamond from 20 to 40 AEP/DAEP/MAEP, which
increases the value of all Meta Socket helms in my charts by 20. Apparently, I'd been undervaluing
the Crit Damage bonus. Also, I've added the Executioner enchant to my Enchantments chart.


I've added Zul'Aman and Vengeful Gladiator (S3) weapons to my Weapons Charts.


I'm in the process of updating my Weapons Charts. All current weapons are now updated with
changes from the upcoming 2.3 patch. Next I'll be adding the new 2.3 weapons to the charts.


Ok, I think I've finally fixed my Contact Form problem. Here is my new Contact Form.


Some people still want to have access to previous versions of my Armor charts, specifically
the last version before I removed all of the old and inferior gear. So, with that in mind...

Chart Archives


To make my armor charts more user-friendly, I've removed old & inferior items, reducing
chart sizes and download times considerably. All of the old & inferior items can still be
found in my Armor Locations Chart. Many of those lower level items can also be found
in my 60-69 Twink Armor Chart, which can be used as a general guide for leveling gear.


I've added Vindicator's BG gear and updated the Arena Points/BG Honor prices for all armor.
If my charts are missing any 2.3 armor, let me know. Now I'll be updating my weapons charts.


I've added Vengeful Gladiator (S3) gear to my armor charts. More updates to come.


I've updated my main Armor charts with changes from the 2.3 patch. They're still
a work in progress, so expect more items to be added in the next few days/weeks.
Changes include adding columns for Expertise, Haste Rating and Armor Penetration.
All new items and recently changed items have been highlighted in gray. After I get all
the new items added, I'll be reducing the size of my charts by taking out older/inferior
items. Once I get my armor charts in order, I'll start working on my weapons charts.


I've decided to discontinue my Armory Rating Service. It was just taking
up too much of my time, preventing me from working on other projects,
like updating my charts with all of the new 2.3 items and abilities.


It seems that my Contact Form has been acting up lately. So, for the time being,
I have that page forwarding to an alternate Contact Form until I can straighten
this out. If you sent me a message in the past few weeks and did not receive
a reply, please resend your message. I apologize for the confusion.

I'm currently working on updating my charts and
will be adding new 2.3 items to them very soon


Shadow Panther’s Guide for Getting Karazhan Ready
A Guide to Preparing Level 60-70 Rogues for Endgame Raiding


Zodar's Rogue Leveling Tips


A Brief History and Explanation of the AEP System


I've just completed a bunch of changes to my charts to update them for 2.2.

In addition to that, I've revised my AEP/DAEP/MAEP formulas to correct some
inconsistencies that had been bugging me. Specifically, I've done the following:

Crit Rating: I've decreased the value of Crit Rating in all formulas by 15%.
If you check the math in the AEP Balance Sheet section of my Formulas Chart,
you'll see that Agility almost exactly equals AEP when you reduce Crit Rating to 0.85.
Before now, my charts had slightly overvalued Crit Rating, which was causing some
items to be ranked higher than they should have been.

Hit Rating: I've increased the value of Hit Rating in my DAEP/MAEP formulas by 15%.
I've also decreased the value of Hit Rating in my AEP formula by 15%. These changes
reflect the premium value Hit Rating deserves for PVE Raiding while minimizing its
value in PVP, where Hit Rating is unneccesary above a certain level.


I've added new Twink Charts for the 51-60 AV bracket and the 60-69 BGs bracket.

51-60 AV Twink Armor Chart

51-60 AV Twink Weapons Chart

60-69 Twink Armor Chart

60-69 Twink Weapons Chart


I've updated the rest of my charts with the new Arena Season 2 gear and prices.


I've added the newly revealed Arena Season 2 Merciless Gladiator
weapons to my charts. I should have the armor up by tomorrow.


Shadow Panther's
Armory Rating Service


I've updated most of my charts with new SSC, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple items.
I also added some Outlands items I'd overlooked to the 50-59 bracket of my Twink Charts.


I've updated my Armor charts, removing all items with pre-2.1 stats and adding a few new items.


Zodar's Guide to Maximizing Gear for Raid DPS


To help Rogues who have recently reached level 70, I've created a Rogue Starter Weapons chart
that can be used along with my PVE Rogue Starter Gear and PVP Rogue Starter Gear charts.

Rogue Starter Weapons


I've finished adding 2.1 items to my Armor charts. If any changes or new items are missing,
let me know. I've also corrected some errors and modified how I score ranged weapons.


I've added the new 2.1 Arena Gladiator gear to my Weapons and Armor charts.


I've added more 2.1 items to my Weapons and Armor charts.


The masses have been clamoring for a Pure DPS armor chart, ignoring Stamina altogether.
So, with that in mind, I'm now introducing a chart based on MAEP - Maximum DPS AEP.
In the MAEP formula, the value of Stamina is reduced to 1/20th the value of Agility.
As a result, all Blue Sockets have also been reduced in value. The MAEP formula can be
used to help you maximize your DPS output with almost complete disregard for Stamina.

Maximum DPS Armor Chart


DPS Test - Can you break 1,000 Unbuffed DPS?


I've updated my armor charts with the new Tier 6 Rogue Set - Slayer's Armor.


With the discovery of new items and changes to current items in the upcoming 2.1
patch, I've been updating all of my charts with these new items, including the buffed
stats to the Tier 5 Deathmantle set. Also, in response to the upcoming Alchemy Nerf,
I've created a new Consumables Rankings Chart which ranks consumables using the
DAEP formula to help Rogues determine which will have the most effect.

Consumables Rankings Chart


Pre-BC, I used to be an officer in a fairly successful raiding guild, Order of Sanctus
on the US Earthen Ring server. Unfortunately, a month or two before Burning Crusade
released, my guild fell apart and I've pretty much been playing solo ever since. I just
recently hit level 70, but a lot of that time was spent updating information on my site.

Eventually, I knew there would come a time when I would need to look for another guild.
And to give myself the best possible chance to get into a guild, I needed to make sure
that my gear was as good as it could be, considering the circumstances. Like many
guildless Rogues out there, I've had a tough time getting into successful PUGs and my
Outlands instance experience is minimal. But with the help of my own armor charts, I
think I've put together a respectable set of pre-Heroic/pre-Karazhan raiding gear.
I still have a few items to upgrade (Shoulder/Gloves) and I need to get my rep-based
Head/Shoulder enchants, but aside from that, I think I've done pretty well so far.

To help other Rogues in a similar situation, I've created charts that list the best Rogue
Starter items (PVP & PVE) that can be crafted, purchased or acquired from quests with
minimal instancing or group assistance:

PVE Rogue Starter Gear

PVP Rogue Starter Gear


Ever wondered how high your stealth level could get, or how easily players with stealth
detection could see through it? I've created a chart which lists every known item, ability,
skill, talent, consumable, etc. that effects a player's stealth level or stealth detection level.

Stealth Chart

Much thanks to Eric Anderson, who helped compile most of this information!


In an effort to reconcile the discrepancy of Agility not equaling AEP in the AEP system
I've created a spreadsheet with the sole purpose of working out the math on this problem
as well as other Combat Rating conversions. This spreadsheet is a work in progress and
I welcome comments/corrections/complaints from the advanced Mathcrafters out there.

Level 70 Rogue
Combat Ratings
and AEP Formulas

(HTM version)


I'm constantly tweaking my charts to provide the most useful information for Rogues.
I've now modified my armor charts so you can see AEP/DAEP values side by side.
I've also added columns that list Total Crit % (TCrit) and Total AP (TAP) values.
This will make it easier for you to see how gear upgrades affect your overall Crit/AP.
Using those TCrit and TAP values, I've created new armor charts sorted by those stats.

Max Crit Chart

Max AP Chart

I've also compiled "Ultimate Sets" for PVP, PVE, Crit and AP in my Armor Sets Chart.
As a side note, I've now removed the .PDF versions of my charts, because it just takes way
too much time to convert every single chart any time I make a simple change or correction.
Most of my charts are available in .XLS format which can be opened in Excel/OpenOffice.


Want 525+ Arcane Resistance? Of course not, but with Burning Crusade you can
actually reach that amount now. I've updated my Arcane Resistance Chart to
include all of the new Arcane Resistance gear and enchantments for people wanting
to collect their Arcane Resistance set for Karazhan. I'll eventually get around to
updating all of my other resistance gear charts...


0 to Drakefist
A Powerleveling Guide
for Blacksmithing


Over the past few weeks, I've made numerous improvements to my charts:

1. I added socket bonuses to items, with the assumption that people use matching gems.

2. I modified the value of sockets to better reflect the value of gems in PVP vs. PVE gear.

3. I reduced the AEP value of defensive stats such as Defense Rating, Dodge, Parry, etc.

4. I filled in previously unknown item drop locations, rep info, bosses, zones, sources, etc.

5. I removed many abbreviations I'd been using in item names to improve search results.

6. I added 2.0.10 stats for Gladiator, Deathmantle, Netherblade and a few other items.

7. I added Orange, Purple and Green sections and a DAEP column to my Gems Chart.

8. I corrected a few errors and added some more new items to most of my charts.


I updated my Enchantments Chart with Glyph and Inscription
reputation rewards and sorted all the enchantments by AEP. I also
reduced the value of sockets on my Weapons and Armor charts by 25%,
since many people don't have access to or won't be willing to spend crazy
amounts to put the best possible gems in their transitional gear.


I updated my Enchantments Chart with all of the new Leatherworking
armor kits. I know they're not technically enchants, but they serve the
same purpose. Rogue Twinks will be especially pleased to learn that the new
Agi/Stam and Crit/AP Leg Armors can be placed on BOE Twink Gear!


I've updated my Twink Charts with all of the Level 59 "of the Bandit" items. Level 57-59
Bandit Armor obliterates all previous 50-59 Twink Armor and the weapons are decent too.


I've updated my Armor and Weapons Charts by adding all of the best
possible Bind on Equip "of the Bandit" items (both Green and Blue)
so you know what to look for when browsing the AH.


I've updated my Rogue Bandit Gear Chart with the new AEP/DAEP formulas.


I've updated my Weapons Charts with the new AEP formulas and other changes listed below.


I've redesigned my Armor Charts to address some issues people had
asked about. Listed below are the changes I made to my Armor Charts
and will eventually be making to my Weapons Charts as well:

1. I incorporated a modified version of Ming's new AEP formulas into my Armor/Gems charts.

2. I uploaded .xls versions of my charts, to make it easier for people to modify AEP weightings.

3. I updated the Loc/Info/Source fields on many new items to help people find them more easily.

4. I moved Resistances data to the Special column to make room for 4 separate Gems columns.

5. I separated out the Defense and Resilience columns, which I'd previously combined together.

6. I moved Hit/Crit/AP next to Str/Agi/Sta to keep these important stats together in one section.

7. I separated out Thrown weapons from the Ranged Weapons section. Deadly Throw FTW...

8. I updated a couple of bad links and I also corrected a few other errors I found in my charts.


I've updated my Rogue Enchantments Chart and Consumables
Checklists to include items from the Burning Crusade.


Rogue DPS Armor Chart

I've often heard complaints that the AEP system I use for my armor
charts places too much emphasis on Stamina and other defensive stats.
Stamina is highly valued in PVP, but less valuable when you're trying
to maximize your Raid DPS. Now, with the release of Burning Crusade,
Stamina is abundantly available, which throws off the valuation of gear.
To adjust for this, I've created a Rogue DPS Armor Chart using a
DPS-Oriented AEP formula (DAEP), which places more emphasis on
offensive stats and less emphasis on Stamina and other defensive stats.


Rogue Bandit Gear Chart

I put this chart together to illustrate how quickly you can replace
Tier 1, 2, 2.5 & 3 gear with common green "of the Bandit" items
purchased from the Auction House. Armor can be replaced early on,
but quality weapons (like those GM/HWL weapons you grinded for
over the past two months) should last you well into your late 60s.
This chart is still a work in progress, so more items will be added soon.


Rogue Gems Chart

To help players decide which Gems are best for using in their
socketed gear, I've created this Rogue Gems Chart.


Happy Expansion Day!

I've started updating all of my Armor and Weapons Charts
with new items from the Burning Crusade expansion.
I'll be adding more items in the days to come.


Happy New Year!

I've updated all of my Armor, Weapons and Twink Charts with the new 2.0 stats.
These changes include converting all percentage values to the new Combat Rating System.
I've also updated all of the PVP rewards to reflect their new Honor Point costs.
I plan to update the rest of my site to reflect these changes within the next week.
I'll also start adding new TBC items to my charts now that I have these changes in place.

Past Updates

Intellectual � 2008
World of Warcraft � 2008 Blizzard Entertainment
Pictures courtesy of Penn & Brooks