Agility Equivalence Points

A Brief History and Explanation of the AEP System

Around May of 2005, Ming started a thread on the Rogue forums where he was devising an Agility comparison system for comparing gear using the formula 10 Agility = 10 Stamina = 20 Strength = 20 Attack Power = 1% Crit. One of the first people who responded to the thread coined the phrase "Agility Equivalence Points" and his formula has been know as AEP ever since.

I had just started working on my first armor chart at that time (after having already made a Maces chart) and I liked the simplicity of the formula. So I incorporated a modified version of it into my charts.

Since then, I've made numerous changes and additions to the formula and have developed additional formulas based upon that formula.


AEP (PVP): 1 Stamina = 0.7 Agility
MAEP (PVE / Maximum DPS Raiding): 1 Stamina = .01 Agility

Each stat is given a different weight when compared to Agility. In PVP (AEP), Attack Power, Stamina and Resilience are very important, so they are weighted fairly high. In raiding situations (MAEP), Stamina and Resilience aren't worth nearly as much as DPS stats, so they're weighted at just a fraction of Agility.

When looking for gear upgrades, determine what your goal is, then use the chart that works best for you. If your goal is to maximize your PVP gear, then pick items that will give you the largest AEP upgrade. If your goal is to maximize your raid DPS, then select items that will give you the most MAEP.

Listed below are the current versions of these formulas:

AEP Formula: 1 AEP = 1 Agi = 1.4286 Sta = 1.5385 Str = 1.6667 Hit = 1.5873 Crit = 1.5385 AP = 1.6667 Haste = 1.5385 Expertise = 6.6667 Arm Pen = 1 Resil = 666.67 Def = 1000 Dod/Par/Arm/Resist = .1111 B Gem = .10 R Gem = .125 Y Gem = .025 Meta

MAEP Formula: 1 MAEP = .9091 Agi = 100 Sta = 1.8182 Str = .8696 Hit = 1.1111 Crit = 2 AP = 1 Haste = 0.8 Expertise = 6.6667 Arm Pen = 666.67 Def = 1000 Resil/Dod/Par/Arm/Resist = .25 B Gem = .1111 R/Y Gem = .025 Meta

I'm constantly tweaking these formulas to make my charts as useful as possible. As always, if you don't like the formulas I use in my charts, you're welcome to use the downloadable spreadsheets I've provided here.


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