An Analysis of Mech Torso Rotation Speeds
Created by Shadow Panther

In the heat of battle, you want your Mech to be quick and responsive. Slow, cumbersome Mechs can often be outrun, outmaneuvered and outgunned. A Mech's walking speed is a major indicator of how that Mech handles in combat, but Torso Rotation Speed also plays an important part. If you can't swivel your weapons around fast enough, then small, agile "chicken" Mechs will often dance circles around you. Knowing Torso Rotation Speeds will help you when selecting which Mech to play.

For the most part, large, heavy Mechs have slow Torso Rotation Speeds, while small, fast Mechs will naturally rotate faster. Listed below are the Torso Rotation Speeds (in rotations per minute) for each Mech:

Assault Mechs
15 Atlas
15 Prometheus
15 Ragnarok
15 Ymir

Heavy Mechs
20 Mad Cat
20 Timber Wolf
20 Thor
20 Summoner
20 Loki
20 Hellbringer

Medium Mechs
21 Catapult
21 Bowman
22 Vulture
22 Mad Dog
24 Uziel
24 Belial

Light Mechs
27 Owens
27 Hackman
27 Cougar
27 Puma
27 Raven
27 Corvus
28 Uller
28 Kit Fox
29 Elemental