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Alliance Exploration Leveling Guide

This guide is intended for Alliance players who want to avoid the starter zone rush and quickly get to level 5 in about an hour through exploration experience and delivery quests. While this guide is Human-specific, the leveling route laid out in this guide should be useful to any Alliance player looking to rapidly level up through exploration.

With exploration leveling, you can...

  • Beat the newbie zone rush of players waiting around trying to tag quest mobs.
  • Pick up valuable flight paths, saving travel time in the future for when you've reached the appropriate levels.
  • Earn some early copper/silver from key delivery/exploration quests and a gathering profession or two, which will be needed to buy a better starter weapon and your initial class skills.

General Guidelines

  • Avoid fights with all hostile mobs, always running away from them, while hugging/hopping over obstacles to slow them down until they give up the chase.
  • If you die, don't get discouraged, just run your ghost back to the body and pick up where you left off unless the guide instructs you to do otherwise.
  • If you rez in a new graveyard, you may need to briefly leave that area and return to receive exploration experience (which is factored into this guide).
  • Sometimes you need to strategically die to take advantage of graveyard locations in order to save time, so spare your copper and don't repair your gear until you're ready to start adventuring.

Level 1: Complete a few starter zone quests

  • Create your Human character (or create a Dwarf, Gnome or Night Elf and run them directly to Northshire, but keep your hearthstone set to your home area if you plan to return).
  • Starting in Northshire, get the quest A Threat Within from Deputy Willem.
  • Go inside Northshire Abbey to turn in A Threat Within (40xp, 55SW) to Marshal McBride.
  • Return to Deputy Willem, get the quest Eagan Peltskinner, then run around the left side of the building to turn in Eagan Peltskinner (85xp, 55SW).
  • Sell your food and weapon to one of the nearby vendors to get 10 copper (10c).
  • Go south out of Northshire and get Rest and Relaxation from Falkhaan Isenstrider.
  • Go through the arch and turn right going west, closely hugging the northern hills, avoiding Defias Cutpurses until you reach a light post.
  • Go north up the path into the hills to your right until you reach the house of the Herbalism trainer outside Stormwind City.
  • Learn Apprentice Herbalism (10c) from Herbalist Pomeroy and turn on your Herbalism "radar". Pick all herbs you find along your route (that you can safely reach) which you can then sell to a vendor for some much needed early funds.
  • Go back down the path, then turn right, and go west around the Defias Cutpurses until you reach the other road.
  • Take that road south towards Goldshire, picking herbs and avoiding all mobs.

If you get attacked by a hostile mob, you can kite them to a nearby Stormwind Guard patrolling the road who will deal with the threat.

  • Continue south along the road to Goldshire (45xp).
  • Turn in Rest and Relaxation (100xp, 5 Small Pumpkin, 27SW) to Innkeeper Farley inside the Lion's Pride Inn.
  • Leave the inn and go east to Crystal Lake (55xp).
  • Go south to the main east/west road, then go east, hugging the south side of the road to avoid the Mangy Wolves on the north side of the road.
  • Make sure to pick all herbs (within safe reach) as you're exploring, to build up your funds.
  • When you reach the midpoint of Crystal Lake, carefully go south through the woods, watching for bears and other mobs, toward a group of small hills to get Jerod's Landing (55xp).
  • Return to the road and continue east while watching for wolves, and get Tower of Azora (55xp) on the left.

Level 2: Approximately 8 minutes /played

  • Keep going east to get Brackwell Pumpkin Patch (65xp) on the right, then at the bridge, swim north up the river until you get Stone Cairn Lake (65xp).
  • Swim back part of the way, then exit the river and go southeast through Eastvale Logging Camp (55xp) while keeping an eye out for Prowler Wolves.
  • Get Ridgepoint Tower (65xp) across the road to the south, then return east on the road, watching for Prowler Wolves as you leave Elwynn Forest.


  • Continue east to Three Corners (65xp) and die to the spider guarding the road or to the thrashers up the hill on the left.
  • Rez at the graveyard and swim north across Lake Everstill (65xp) to Lakeshire (65xp).
  • Go northwest up the hill, watching for Bellygrub, then hug the wall up and around to the north where you'll get Redridge Canyons (65xp), then die/rez.
  • Rez at the graveyard, go east and get the FP then go south on the road, grabbing Lakeridge Highway (65xp) on the left.
  • Go southwest, climb over the rocks and around the log to the left then hug the mountainside and hop into the river to avoid the spiders on the right.


  • Cross the bridge into Duskwood and pick up The Darkened Bank (65xp) on the right side then die to a wolf further ahead and rez at the graveyard.
  • Carefully go south from the graveyard, staying to the west of the path to avoid spiders on the east until you get Tranquil Gardens Cemetery (65xp).
  • Go back towards the graveyard, watching for spiders on your right, and then turn right onto the main road going into Darkshire (65xp).
  • Get the FP then continue up the road to the northeast into Deadwind Pass.


  • Pick up Deadman's Crossing (65xp) then return to Duskwood.


  • On the way back to Darkshire, pass the first turn on the right then go through the archway gate and up the path to the right to Beggar's Haunt (65xp).

Level 3: Approximately 20 minutes /played

  • From that path, go northwest over a fence onto a ledge to get Manor Mistmantle (70xp), then drop off the ledge and get killed by a mob down below.
  • Rez back at the graveyard then take the main road to the southwest, picking up Brightwood Grove (70xp) after the buildings on the hill to the right.
  • Immediately get over to left side of the road, walking through the grass and to the left of trees to avoid wolves on the right.
  • As you go west, get The Rotting Orchard (70xp) and The Yorgen Farmstead (70xp) on the left.
  • Turn left at the Night Watch campsite intersection onto the road south, then immediately go right into the entrance to Vul'Gol Ogre Mound (70xp).
  • Return to the road heading south to Stranglethorn Vale, walking in the grass on the left (east) side of the road to avoid the wolves on your right.


  • Go across the bridge and up the path to the right to get Rebel Camp (70xp) then return to Duskwood.


  • As you make your way back north, walk in the grass on the right (east) side of the road to avoid the wolves on your left.
  • At the intersection, continue north across the road until you reach the rocks.
  • Carefully climb up the rocks and over to the right (while avoiding the wolves below) until you reach the ramp leading up to The Twilight Grove (70xp).
  • Go partially back down the ramp, then hop down the rocks to your southwest and return to the road.
  • Once you get west of the intersection, let a wolf kill you, then read the following instructions before rezzing.
  • Before rezzing at the Raven Hill graveyard (70xp), back your ghost away to the southwest side of the spirit healer as far as possible.
  • As soon as you rez, race away south from any mobs chasing you until you're clear, then carefully make your way back north.
  • Take a few steps northwest through the gap in the fence to get Raven Hill Cemetery (70xp), then go south across the road to Addle's Stead (70xp).
  • Continue west along the road, carefully timing your way between spiders on both sides of the road as you race to the bridge and cross into Westfall (it's a short ghost walk anyway if you die).


  • From the bridge, go north on the riverbank to get Dead Acre (70xp), briefly swim east into the river for Hushed Bank (70xp), then return to Westfall.
  • Watching for fleshrippers, go northwest over the hills to Sentinel Hill (70xp) and pick up the FP.
  • Take the road south and then cross the east/west road to pick up The Dust Plains (70xp).
  • Go west to pick up The Dagger Hills (70xp) and Moonbrook (70xp).
  • Go west following the hillside between Dagger Hills and Moonbrook, watching carefully for Defias mobs, to Demont's Place (70xp).
  • Continuing to watch for Defias mobs, go southwest to Longshore (0xp) and across the beach to Westfall Lighthouse (70xp).
  • Go north along the beach, watching for Old Murk Eye, until you see Murlocs in the distance then climb back up the embankment and carefully go northeast.
  • Watch out for Defias, Ghouls and other wandering mobs as you carefully go northeast all the way back to the road and Stendel's Pond (70xp) just beyond it.
  • Go north up the road, getting Alexston Farmstead (70xp) on your left (beware Harvest Watchers).

Level 4: Approximately 40 minutes /played

  • Further ahead on the left you'll find a path going down a slope to Gold Coast Quarry (80xp).
  • Return to the road and when it curves around to the northeast, you should be approaching a hill.
  • At the bottom of the hill, carefully go east, watching for coyotes/ghouls/fleshrippers until you reach the western corner of The Molsen Farm (80xp).
  • Carefully retrun back to the road.
  • Walk through the grass on the left side of the road past coyotes, skipping past Jangolode Mine for the moment.
  • Carefully run past any young fleshrippers and coyotes over to the southwest corner of Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm (80xp) then immediately turn left.
  • Go straight towards the ridge to get Jangolode Mine (80xp) and let yourself get killed.
  • If you die before getting those last two zones, quickly run your ghost back, rez, pick them up, and then die again.
  • Rez at Sentinel Hill then go northeast over to the road and follow it north and pick up Saldean's Farm (80xp) on your left.
  • Keep an eye out for harvest watchers and wolves and continue north to The Jansen Stead (80xp) on your way back to Elwynn Forest.


  • Pick up Forest's Edge (70xp) and Westbrook Garrison (70xp) on your left, then The Stonefield Farm (55xp) on your right as you return to Goldshire.
  • Get The Fargodeep Mine quest from Marshal Dughan.
  • Carefully go south until you get The Maclure Vineyards (55xp).
  • Go northwest until you reach the entrance of Fargodeep Mine (45xp).
  • Make sure you have full health and any defensive abilities ready, then review the planned path below.
  • Drop down and avoid all enemies as you quickly run around the curve to the right, then continue straight until you complete the exploration mission.
  • Die, rez back in Goldshire, turn in The Fargodeep Mine (480xp, 1s25c, 83SW) and get The Jasperlode Mine.
  • Go northeast along the road.
  • Follow the river until you pass the gray rocks, where you'll cross the river up unto the mountain ridgeline.
  • Using your minimap to assist you, carefully go east along the imaginary centerline of the ridge until you're directly above Jasperlode Mine (70xp).
  • Carefully climb down to the roof of the mine, make sure you're at full health with defensive abilities ready and review the planned path below.
  • Hop down, run past all enemies, follow the tracks around to the right to a 3-way intersection, then run straight until completing the quest.
  • If you die before completing the quest, run your ghost back to complete it then die.
  • Return to Goldshire to turn in The Jasperlode Mine (850xp, 3s50c, 110SW) to Marshal Dughan.

Level 5: Approximately 55 minutes /played

At this point you should have at least 5s25c along with any herbs you can sell.

  • Rogues can either buy a Stiletto (4s1c) from Corina Steele inside the building behind Marshal Dughan or spend about 30 more minutes completing a Gladius Grind, where you just grind wolves or similar beasts until you have 15s36c to buy a Gladius and train in swords.
  • Buy a Skinning Knife (82c) from the Trade Supplies vendor, Tharynn Bouden, under the covered cart outside.
  • Go northeast past the Goldshire Inn to the Skinning/Leatherworking house next to the dock bordering Crystal Lake.
  • Learn Skinning (10c) from Helene Peltskinner inside.

From now on, kill and skin all level 1-3 critters (rabbits, cows, deer, and especially sheep for Wool Cloth) for scraps and skins that you can sell. Anytime you see a critter or a dead, looted beast, consider that a free resource waiting around to be gathered, just like any other herb.

  • Do a quick circle around Goldshire, picking herbs and killing/skinning critters.
  • Sell herbs and skins to train your initial class skills and First Aid if you can afford it.
  • If you are a Dwarf, Gnome or Night Elf, and your hearthstone is still set in Dun Morogh or Teldrassil, feel free to hearth back if Elwynn Forest is too crowded.

Now you're ready to start adventuring!


OPTIONAL: If you prefer to be a map completionist, and would rather keep on exploring and grabbing remote flight paths, then continue below. However, please note that after level 5, exploration leveling by itself starts to fall behind normal questing or grinding speeds. To keep your leveling speed up, you might consider grinding low level mobs and/or picking up related quests as you continue along this route, at least until you get into the higher level zones.

  • Go west along the main road and then south to The Stonefield Farm killing/skinning/looting all boars for Chunks of Boar Meat.
  • Speak to "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield to get the quest Lost Necklace.
  • Go southeast, killing/skinning/looting boars, past Fargodeep Mine to The Maclure Vineyards to turn in Lost Necklace (140xp, 27SW) to Billy Maclure and get Pie for Billy.
  • Speak to Maybell Maclure in the small house on the southeast side of the vineyard to get the quest Young Lovers.
  • Go back west, killing/skinning/looting boars, past Fargodeep Mine to The Stonefield Farm.
  • Turn in Pie for Billy (410xp, 83SW) to "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield and get Back to Billy.
  • Turn in Young Lovers (140xp, 27SW) to Tommy Joe Stonefield on the far western side of The Stonefield Farm and get Speak with Gramma.
  • Go east across the farm to Gramma Stonefield to turn in Speak with Gramma (140xp, 28SW) and get Note to William.
  • Return east to Billy Maclure at The Maclure Vineyards to turn in Back to Billy (140xp, 27SW).
  • Go north back to Goldshire and turn in Note to William (140xp, 27SW) to William Pestle in the Lion's Pride Inn.
  • Go northwest into Stormwind City (85xp).


  • Get Wine Shop Advert from Renato Gallina as you walk in and Harlan Needs a Resupply from Harlan Bagley in the Lionheart Armory further ahead.
  • Walk west through the tunnel towards the canal, go right and turn in Harlan Needs a Resupply to Rema Schneider (85xp, 17c, 55SW, 13Sp).
  • Get Package for Thurman then go south to the Gallina Winery to turn in Wine Shop Advert (130xp, Bottle of Pinot Noir, 82SW, 21Sp) to Suzetta Gallina.
  • Sell the Bottle of Pinot Noir for 12c then go west across the bridge and left through the tunnel into Mage Quarter.
  • Go up the hill and to the right to turn in Package for Thurman to Thurman Schneider at Larson Clothiers (130xp, 83SW, 20Sp).
  • If you have any important defensive class skills to pick up, then visit your class trainer.
  • Go northeast across the city to take the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge. While waiting for the tram, set your action bars/macros/keybindings.


  • Leave the Deeprun Tram going into Ironforge (85xp), go west and north into the Great Forge to grab the flight path (FP).
  • Go to the southwest and out through the Gates of Ironforge (65xp) and then hop down the mountainside on the right side of the road down to Dun Morogh.


  • At the bottom, go west until you reach the north/south road, turn right (north), then make your first left heading west through the valley.
  • When you reach an intersection, make a slight left then partially walk up the mountainside to get Shimmer Ridge (70xp).
  • Go back down and then walk around to the northwest to Iceflow Lake (65xp), then further west to Brewnall Village (65xp).
  • Speak to Marleth Barleybrew and get the Bitter Rivals quest.
  • Carefully go further northwest, watching for bears and leopards, until you get Gnomeregan (85xp) and then go around southwest for Frostmane Hold (65xp).
  • Return east to the road going south and pick up Chill Breeze Valley (70xp) on your left then climb up onto Coldridge Pass (35xp) on your right.

Go into the tunnel and quickly run past all of the Troggs until you get out to the other side.

  • Go down the hill to the Dwarf/Gnome starting area.
  • Get Dwarven Outfitters from Sten Stoutarm.
  • Kill/loot wolves in the area until you have 8 Tough Wolf Meat.
  • Turn in Dwarven Outfitters (80xp, 110IF/GE) to Sten Stoutarm and get Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery.

Level 6: Approximately 90 minutes /played

  • If the Encrypted Rune (Dwarf) or Encrypted Memorandum (Gnome) quest is offered to you, take it and turn it in (50xp) to Solm Hargrin. (BETA: Not offered to Humans)
  • Go north into Anvilmar and get A Refugee's Quandary from Felix Whindlebolt.
  • Go west along the road.
  • Turn in Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery (190xp, 83IF/GE) to Talin Keeneye and get Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery Pt. 2.
  • Continue south along the road and turn in Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery Pt 2. (270xp, 7c, 82IF/GE) to Grelin Whitebeard.
  • Go due west to the first of three troll camps to pick up all of Felix's gear (the trolls will most likely be busy fighting other players).
  • Get Felix's Box then go southeast to the next camp to get Felix's Chest, then east to the Troll Cave entrance for Felix's Bucket of Bolts.
  • Get Scalding Mornbrew Delivery from Nori Pridedrift, then go northeast to Anvilmar.
  • Turn in Refugee's Quandary (250xp, 50c, 110IF/GE) to Felix Whindlebolt.
  • Turn in Scalding Mornbrew Delivery (230xp, 55IF/GE) to Durnan Furcutter and get Bring Back the Mug.
  • Go back southwest to the camp and turn in Bring Back the Mug (450xp, 50c, 110IF/GE) to Nori Pridedrift.
  • Go northeast up the trail back towards the tunnel that leaves Coldridge Valley.
  • Get Supplies to Tannok from Hands Springsprocket.

Go into the tunnel and quickly run past all of the Troggs until you get out to the other side.

  • Take the road east then north up to Kharanos (45xp) and go into the Thunderbrew Distillery inn on the right.
  • Turn in Supplies to Tannok (110xp, 5 Tough Jerky, 27IF/GE) to Tannok Frosthammer.
  • Buy one Thunder Ale from Inkeeper Belm.
  • Go through the doorway to the left down into the basement of the Inn.
  • Click the Guarded Thunder Ale Barrel, click Jarven Thunderbrew, then wait for the Unguarded Thunder Ale Barrel to finish Distracting Jarven (140xp).
  • Get the quest Return to Marleth.
  • Get Tools for Steelgrill from Tharek Blackstone across the road, then go northeast to Steelgrill's Depot (45xp).
  • Turn in Tools for Steelgrill (110xp, 25c, 28IF/GE) to Beldin Steelgril. Get Ammo for Rumbleshot from Loslor Rudge.
  • Go back southeast past the Kharanos graveyard, turn right and carefully go down into the valley of Grizzled Den (45xp), watching for bears/leopards.
  • Grab the crate at the camp, then return south back to the road and follow it southwest.
  • Turn in Ammo for Rumbleshot (550xp, 1s25c, 110IF/GE) to Hegnar Rumbleshot.
  • Continue northwest to Brewnall Village to turn in Return to Marleth (625xp, 1s75c, 110IF/GE).
  • Go northeast over the lake and east along the riverbed until you reach the road south of Ironforge.
  • If you have any important defensive class skills to train, go into Ironforge, otherwise, get onto the road going further east towards Loch Modan.
  • Get Misty Pine Refuge (65xp) and Amberstill Ranch (65xp) on the left, then continue going east.
  • On the right, you'll get The Tundrid Hills (70xp), Gol'Bolar Quarry (85xp) and Helm's Bed Lake (70xp), then take the left fork to North Gate Pass.
  • Go north through North Gate Pass until North Gate Outpost (90xp) then return to the south fork to South Gate Pass and South Gate Outpost (90xp).

Level 7: Approximately 2 hours /played


  • Go east out of the tunnel into Valley of Kings (90xp), then go north along the road.
  • Get Stonesplinter Valley (90xp) on the right then continue north to Thelsamar (85xp).
  • Grab the FP then go east to The Loch (90xp), keeping an eye out for bears and spiders.
  • Turn south and carefully follow the edge of the loch to the south around to Grizzlepaw Ridge (90xp).
  • Continue around the edge to the southwestern tip of the loch, then carefully run southwest past all of the spiders on your way into Badlands.


  • Get The Maker's Terrace (90xp) then return to Loch Modan.


  • Follow the right wall back around to the northeast, watching carefully for spiders/bears, until you reach Ironband's Excavation Site (90xp).
  • Die to a nearby enemy and rez back at Thelsamar.
  • Go back to the road and follow it north to Silver Stream Mine (90xp) on the right then Algaz Station (90xp) on the left.
  • Go north through the Dun Algaz (90xp) tunnels until you reach the Dragonmaw Orcs. Run past them as far as you can until you die. Despite technically dying in the Wetlands, you'll have to run your ghost from Thelsamar back to your body then safely rez past the guards, continue through the tunnels then carefully drop down into Wetlands.


  • From the lower tunnel exit, go northwest until you get Thelgen Rock (90xp) then die/rez. If you don't get it, you'll have another chance.
  • Rez at the graveyard and go east on the road through The Green Belt (90xp), then turn right and run past the guards into Angerfang Encampment (90xp).
  • Die/rez and go further southeast along the road for Mosshide Fen (90xp), then, if you still need Thelgen Rock, hug the rock wall going even further southeast. Die/rez again.

OPTIONAL: The next few sections take you deep into high level territory (Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, Western Plaguelands, Hinterlands) to grab some remote flight paths for use much later on. If you don't feel like exploring that far, then jump down to the next Wetlands section to continue on your way to Teldrassil.

  • Go straight north on the road from the graveyard, watching out for crocolisks and raptors.
  • Go up the hill and pick up Ironbeard's Tomb (90xp) on the left, followed by Dun Modr (90xp) straight ahead.
  • Continue north across Thandol Span (90xp) into Arathi Highlands.


  • Keeping a close eye out for spiders and raptors, follow the right side of the road then jump into the pool of water at the north end of the river.
  • Swim northeast out of the pool, then quickly make your way southeast until you get Boulderfist Hall (90xp), then die/rez at the graveyard.
  • Go northeast out of the graveyard, pick up the Circle of Outer Binding (90xp) and Go'Shek Farm (90xp).
  • Go back south to the main east/west road, where you'll need to watch for a traveling group of Forsaken Bodyguards along with spiders and raptors.
  • Go west and then north into Refuge Pointe (90xp) and pick up the FP.
  • Briefly go northeast out of Refuge Point to get Dabyrie's Farmstead (90xp) then quickly run back to avoid the raptors.
  • Continue west on the main road and get Circle of Inner Binding (90xp) on the left and Boulder'gor (90xp) on the right.
  • Take the sideroad south to Stromgarde Keep (90xp) on the left then return to the main road heading west.
  • Go further west down the road, timing carefully between mobs until you pass through Thoradin's Wall (90xp) into Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • One or more ghost runs may be required to reach Thoradin's Wall.


  • Hug the wall around to the left, watching for bears and climb up the ramp onto the wall.
  • Follow the top of the wall to the southwest until you drop down to the right then climb up the rocks until you get Dun Garok (90xp).
  • Carefully run west until you get Netherander's Stead (90xp), then die and rez at the Southshore graveyard.
  • Rez, pick up the FP, then go south, around the left side of the inn and up onto the rocks to get Eastern Strand (90xp).
  • Climb back down the rock into Southshore (90xp).
  • Walk to the west, between the town hall and the rocks, until you get the Western Strand (90xp) then die/rez.
  • From the graveyard, go northeast out of Southshore.
  • Watching for bears and mountain lions, climb along the ridge above the river then drop down next to the river and continue north to the waterfall.
  • Climb up the left side of the waterfall, cross the road and go further up the river around a bend and pick up Tarren Mill (90xp) on the left.
  • Continue swimming north into Alterac Mountains.


  • Get Chillwind Point (90xp) on the right and continue swimming northeast.


  • Swim further up the river to Darrowmere Lake (90xp) then get on land and go around the right to the entrance of the island of Caer Darrow (90xp).
  • Go back west then turn left and go on the path up the mountain to The Hinterlands.


  • Walk south through Plaguemist Ravine (90xp) then go left past Shindigger's Camp (0xp) to the rock overlooking Quel'Danil Lodge (90xp).
  • Drop down and carefully cross the road to the south and run past enemies until you get Hiri'watha (90xp), then die and rez over at Aerie Peak (90xp).
  • Go west up the winding path next to Wildhammer Keep to get the FP then go northeast past the graveyard up the path back to Western Plaguelands.


  • Go west over the dam into Sorrow Hill (90xp) then climb your way along the mountain past Uther's Tomb (0xp) to Chillwind Camp (0xp) and get the FP.
  • Go northwest along the road until you reach the Ruins of Andorhal (90xp) then die/rez back at Chillwind Camp.
  • Take the road south to Alterac Mountains.


  • Follow the road around to the west to Strahnbrad (90xp), where you'll die and rez back at Southshore.


  • From the graveyard, go northeast out of Southshore.
  • Watching for bears and mountain lions, climb along the ridge above the river then drop down next to the river and continue north to the waterfall.
  • Climb up the left side of the waterfall and take the road going east, watching for a traveling group of Forsaken Bodyguards along with spiders/bears.
  • Grab Dunholde Keep (90xp) on the left then carefully time and squeeze past spiders and bears to return to Arathi Highlands.


  • Hug the wall around to the left and pick up Circle of West Binding (90xp) then go north and east to get Northfold Manor (90xp) where you'll die.
  • Go east out of the graveyard to the sideroad, then follow it south to the main east/west road, watching for spiders, raptors and Forsaken Bodyguards.
  • Take that road east then turn south back to Wetlands, walking on the left side while keeping an eye out for spiders and raptors on your way out.
  • Escaping from Arathi Highlands may require one or more ghost runs to achieve.


  • Return to Wetlands and turn east, squeezing between raptors until you get Direforge Hill (90xp) then get killed and rez at the graveyard.

If you skipped the higher level sections, then resume here.

  • Carefully make your way west towards Menethil Harbor, hugging the rock wall on your left until you reach the Dragonmaw Raiders.
  • Move closer to the road and run around, then get back over to the left, climbing along the rock wall to stay away from the crocolisks on the right.
  • Eventually, you'll reach Whelgar's Excavation Site (90xp) on your left. Climb up onto the rocks as high as you can go and continue west.
  • Wait for the best opening, then make a mad dash to the west between the raptors and crocolisks, getting as far as you can before dying.
  • You should make it to Sundown Marsh (90xp), and perhaps even Bluegill Marsh (90xp), before you eventually die and rez at the Baradin Bay graveyard.
  • Swim north, away from the shoreline to avoid the murlocs, until you get The Lost Fleet (90xp). Die and rez back at the graveyard.
  • Jump in the water and swim southeast back to the road, watching for crocolisks.
  • Briefly go back east on the road, across the wooden bridge and pick up Black Channel Marsh (90xp) on your right.
  • If you still need Bluegill Marsh and/or Sundown Marsh, then go further east along the road until you get them then die/rez.
  • From the graveyard, swim south and go west over the bridge to Menethil Harbor (90xp).
  • Grab the FP, then go out onto the left dock to Theramore Isle.


  • Go northwest across Theramore Isle (90xp) and grab the FP. Warriors and Paladins can train here.
  • Go out of Theramore Isle along the road to the northwest until you cross the bridge into Witch Hill (90xp), then die.
  • Rez at the graveyard, and go northeast over the hill to Dreadmurk Shore (90xp) then swim for 2 minutes to the northeast towards Alcaz Island (90xp).
  • As you get closer to the island, dive under and swim towards the bottom of the island so you drown soon after picking up the exploration experience.
  • Rez back at the graveyard, return to the dock and take the ship back to Menethil Harbor.


  • Go to the other dock and wait for the ship to Auberdine.


  • When you reach Auberdine (90xp), grab the FP then pick up the quest Bashal'Aran from Thundris Windweaver in the large building to the north.
  • Go northeast along the road, past the graveyard on the left to Bashal'Aran (90xp) on the right.
  • Race past the Vile Sprites and quickly turn in Bashal'Aran to Asterion (675xp, 83D, 20Sp) standing in the blue light on a hill to your right.

Level 8: Approximately 4 hours /played

  • Drop down from the hill and continue northeast along the road.
  • Get Cliffspring River (90xp) then make your way east along the river until you reach the left side of Cliffspring Falls (90xp).
  • Return to the road heading northeast, get Tower of Althalaxx (90xp) on the right then run directly into Ruins of Mathystra (90xp) where you'll die.
  • Rez back at the Bashal'Aran graveyard then return south to Auberdine.
  • Run out to the other dock on your right and get the ship to Rut'theran Village.


  • When you arrive in Rut'theran Village (90xp), pick up the FP then take the glowing teleporter to Darnassus (85xp).
  • Get The Temple of the Moon from Sister Aquinne behind you and turn it in (85xp, 11D) to Priestess A'moora (85xp) at the top of the Temple of the Moon to the south.
  • If you have any important defensive class skills to pick up, then visit your class trainer.
  • Go east out of Darnassus, going all the way across Teldressil, until you reach Dolanaar (45xp).
  • Get Denalan's Earth from Syral Bladeleaf and get A Troubling Breeze from Athridas Bearmantle on your left then continue further east and north to Shadowglen.
  • The next few quests may be gray, but pick them up anyway.
  • Get Dolanaar Delivery from Porthannius, then go further north into Aldrassil.
  • Get The Woodland Protector from Melithar Staghelm and pick up A Good Friend from Dirania Silvershine.
  • Go southwest to Tarindrella to turn in The Woodland Protector (32xp, 55D).
  • Go to the far northwest, until you reach Iverron in a narrow valley southwest of the cave entrance.
  • Turn in A Good Friend (270xp, 83D) to Iverron, get A Friend in Need, then return to Dirania Silvershine in Aldrassil to turn in A Friend in Need (90xp, 27D).
  • Go southwest out of Shadowglen then take the road south to Starbreeze Village (55xp).
  • Stealth or fight your way east into the village to the first building on the right, and go up to the top floor.
  • Turn in A Troubling Breeze (270xp, 55D) at the body of Gaerolas Talvethren, then get Gnarlpine Corruption.
  • From that building, stealth or fight your way east to a small house, where you'll loot the Emerald Dreamcatcher from the dresser.
  • Go southwest down the hill to Lake Al'Ameth (45xp).
  • Turn in Denalan's Earth (230xp, 50c, 55D) to Denalan at the lake's edge then get Timberling Sprouts.
  • Go around the east end of the lake, collecting sprouts on the ground.
  • Return to Denalan to turn in Timberling Sprouts (800xp, armor, 3s50c, 165D).
  • Go northwest to Dolanaar.
  • Turn in Dolanaar Delivery (110xp, 5 Darnassian Bleu, 27D) to Innkeeper Keldamyr.
  • Turn in Gnarlpine Corruption (550xp, 1s25c, 110D) to Athridas Bearmantle.
  • Go to the top of the tree to turn in The Emerald Dreamcatcher (410xp, 1s, 83D) to Tallonkai Swiftroot.
  • Take the main road heading back west.
  • To your north is Fel Rock (0xp) and beyond that, The Cleft (0xp), but neither gives experience, so avoid them and continue west.
  • Grab Ban'ethil Hollow (70xp) on the left, skipping Ban'ethil Barrow Den (0xp) to the south, which is heavily guarded and provides no experience.
  • Continue west along the road, and as you approach Darnassus, turn right onto the road heading north then go northeast for Wellspring Lake (80xp).
  • Go further north along the road to The Oracle Glade (80xp) then go east for Wellspring River (90xp).
  • Return to the road and go back south then cross over the main road to the southwest around the right side of the big tree.
  • Hug the east wall on your left as you watch for night sabers, until you reach the Pools of Arlithrien (70xp).
  • Continue further south until you see a glowing tree to the west where you'll find Gnarlpine Hold (70xp).

The remainder of this guide is pure exploration through Darkshore, Ashenvale, Azshara, The Barrens (which is deep into Horde territory), Thousand Needles, and Tanaris, eventually ending up at Stranglethorn Vale around level 10. It's a long, slow, lonely walk through some challenging zones, so continue on only if you really, really want those Kalimdor flight paths early.

  • Return to Darnassus, visit your class trainer for any defensive skills, then go through the teleporter to Rut'theran Village.
  • Take the free gryphon flight to Auberdine/Darkshore.


  • Go south along the road through Twilight Vale (0xp) and pick up Ameth'Aran (90xp) on the left.
  • Continue south over Wildbend River (0xp), then get Grove of the Ancients (90xp) on the left.
  • Skip Blackwood Den (0xp) further to the southwest, because it doesn't give experience and is heavily guarded.
  • Get The Master's Glaive (90xp) on the right then closely follow the edge of the pit around to the southwest to Remtravel's Excavation (90xp).
  • Go back around the pit, then continue on the road south out of Darkshore into Ashenvale.


  • Skip Bathran's Haunt (0xp) and The Ruins of Ordil'Aran (0xp) on the right.
  • Continue for quite a while down the road until you get Maestra's Post (90xp) at an intersection.
  • Turn right at the intersection and watch for wolves as you go southwest for Lake Falathim (90xp) then northwest for The Zoram Strand (90xp).
  • Skip Zoram'gar Outpost (0xp) further to the south, then carefully return to the road going south.
  • When you reach the bend in the road where it turns east, go down the path to the south to pick up The Shrine of Aessina (90xp).
  • Continue east on the main road, watching for wolves, then east to Astranaar (90xp) and pick up the FP.
  • Backtrack across the bridge to the west and then immediately turn right, go over the logs and up the ridge to the north.

Level 9: Approximately 6 hours /played

  • Hop along the top of the ridge, to the northeast and then around to the east until you get Iris Lake (90xp).
  • From that point, go back west one hill then down to the north until you reach a small gap between two ridges, with bears and spiders all around.
  • Wait for them to spread apart as much as possible, then quickly run across the gap and up the other ridge.
  • Hug the left side of the ridge, staying as high as possible as you go around a tree then run around to the north for Thistlefur Village (90xp).
  • Die to an enemy and rez back in the graveyard east of Astranaar.
  • From the graveyard, go southwest across the main road, then take the small path south towards two pools of water.
  • Go past the two pools of water until you pick up The Ruins of Stardust (90xp).
  • Return to the pools and turn left, hugging the south wall and carefully make your way past wolves and spiders to Fire Scar Shrine (90xp).
  • Die to an enemy and rez back in the graveyard east of Astranaar.
  • Go south from the graveyard then east along the main road, past the water on your left until you reach a "lamp" on your left.
  • At the "lamp", turn right and make your way up along the ridgeline, watching for bears, until you reach a tree at the end of the ridgeline.
  • Go around the right side of the tree to get Mystral Lake (90xp) then over to the east pick up Silverwind Refuge (90xp). Hunters can train here.
  • Go west from there, towards the tree by the northwestern side of the lake, where you should encounter a Befouled Water Elemental near the tree.
  • Wait for it to path as far away from the tree as possible, then hug the left side of the tree and run past it.
  • Run up the path into the cave entrance of Talondeep Path (90xp), then return to Silverwind Refuge (squeezing past the Befouled Water Elemental).
  • Go northeast along the path until you get back to the main road.
  • Go east on the road and pick up Raynewood Retreat (90xp) on your left and Greenpaw Village (90xp) just across the road to the south.
  • Continue east to the next intersection, then go north until you see a big tree stump on the right side of the road.
  • Before reaching the stump, turn right and go towards a similar tree stump, then hop up the rocks going northeast until you get Night Run (90xp).
  • Die and rez at the graveyard to the east, go north out of the graveyard then across the road to get Satynaar (90xp).
  • Go northeast along the road, ignoring the Warsong Outrider patrol (he won't attack you) and get Warsong Lumber Camp (90xp) on your right.
  • Continue northeast into Azshara.


  • Get the FP at Talrendis Point (0xp) then go north across the road to Shadowsong Shrine (90xp).
  • Return to the road heading northeast, and when you see a bridge overhead, go around it to the left to pick up Haldarr Encampment (90xp).
  • Further ahead on the right, you'll see horde banners at the bottom of a path up the mountain. Go up that path to get Forlorn Ridge (90xp).
  • Go back down the path, then across the road and go northwest, hugging the left side of the mountain until you reach Valormok (90xp).
  • Return to the road and go northeast until you reach Ruins of Eldarath (90xp).
  • Die and rez at Talrendis Point then return west to Ashenvale.


  • As you enter Ashenvale, go north from the road while watching for spiders and climb up the rock wall until you get Bough Shadow (90xp). Die/rez.
  • Go north out of the graveyard, then turn left onto the road going southwest, hugging the left side and watching for wolves on the right.
  • Turn left at the intersection before Splintertree Post, watching for wolves on the right until you reach the bridge to Felfire Hill (90xp).
  • Jump south into the river then get onto the western shore and go south and pick up The Dor'Danil Barrow Den (90xp) on the right.
  • Return to the main road and continue going southwest.
  • As you approach Splintertree Post (90xp), hug the left side as you pass the camp on the right then switch to the right side for the second camp.
  • Continue southwest to the intersection at Silverwing Outpost (0xp), then take the road south towards The Barrens.
  • Hug the left side while watching for slimes on your left, and watch for bears and Shadethicket Stone Movers on your right.
  • Get Fallen Sky Lake (90xp) on your right, and then stay on the right side of the road to get past the slimes on the left.
  • Up ahead, you'll find the entrance to The Mor'Shan Rampart (90xp) where you'll slip through the opening on the far left side to enter The Barrens.


  • Go south down Gold Road (0xp) until you pass the Mor'shan Base Camp (0xp) on the right, then climb around the right to get past the raptors.
  • Carefully make your way around to the west until you can climb way up on top of the plateau then go west to get The Dry Hills (90xp).
  • Return east and climb down the mountain southeast of Mor'shan Base Camp.
  • Go south on Gold Road past a building on your left then climb way up onto the east ridgeline to reach the plateau.
  • Go northeast along the plateau until you see a large building down below.
  • Climb down the ridge to the west of that building and carefully make a run to the oil drum and back to get The Sludge Fen (90xp).
  • Return up the plateau and go to the far, far northeast, past several groups of trees, until you eventually pick up Boulder Lode Mine (90xp).
  • Return all the way back west to Gold Road then go south across the road and up the ridgeline to get Dreadmist Peak (90xp).
  • Go back down and continue south along the road until you approach a guard tower.
  • Go around the guard tower to the west picking up Grol'dom Farm (90xp) then cross over the sideroad to get Thorn Hill (90xp).
  • Take the sideroad east and carefully get Far Watch Post (85xp) then return west to Gold Road going south to The Crossroads (90xp).
  • Go west to The Forgotten Pools (90xp) then follow the road west to Honor's Stand (90xp).
  • Return east, then go south and hug the eastern side of the mountain range around to Lushwater Oasis (90xp).
  • Carefully cross the open plains to the east and climb way up onto the western plateau.
  • Follow the plateau to the southwest, picking up Agama'Gor (90xp), then continue south along the plateau until you're forced to climb down.
  • Climb down and go east on the road for Camp Taurajo (85xp) and then go south on Southern Gold Road.
  • Go south and pick up Field of Giants (90xp) and Blackthorn Ridge (90xp) on the right then Bael Modan (90xp) on the left.
  • Continue south, getting Razorfen Downs (90xp) on the left and Razorfen Kraul (90xp) on the right.
  • Run past the guards onto The Great Lift (90xp) then die and rez in Thousand Needles below.


  • Go south for Darkcloud Pinnacle (90xp), then further south and west for Whitereach Post (90xp).
  • Go northwest for Camp E'thok (100xp) then continue along the road west then northwest until you reach Feralas.


  • Grab the FP in Thalanaar then walk west until you get Lower Wilds (100xp), then return to Thousand Needles.


  • Go southeast, walking high along the southernmost edge of the wall until you reach the ramp going up to Highperch (100xp).
  • Continue southeast along the wall until you reach The Screeching Canyon (100xp) skipping Roguefeather Den (0xp) and die/rez.
  • Go south from the graveyard, then east, then north for Splithoof Crag (100xp).
  • Continue southeast for Freewind Post (100xp), then try to get further east for Windbreak Canyon (100xp) or die and rez at the southern graveyard.
  • If you didn't get Windbreak Canyon, from the graveyard, go left around the pillar north of you then right around the next pillar to get it. Die/rez.
  • Make your way southeast across the Shimmering Flats (100xp) to Tanaris. This may require one or more ghost runs to complete.


  • Go south into Gadgetzan (100xp) and grab the FP.
  • Go south and run past mobs to get Abyssal Sands (100xp). Die/rez.
  • Go west and run past mobs to get Sandsorrow Watch (100xp). Die/rez.
  • Go east along the road picking up Waterspring Field (100xp) on the right and Noonshade Ruins (100xp) on the left.
  • Continue east to Steamwheedle Port (100xp) then go south along the beach and swim around Zelashji's Den (100xp).
  • Return south along the beach until you reach Lost Rigger Cove (100xp), then get killed and rez back at Gadgetzan.
  • Return north to Thousand Needles.


  • Die to the first mob you see in Shimmering Flats and rez far to the north.
  • Take the winding road northwest back to Freewind Post, then die to a mob to rez at the graveyard by The Great Lift.
  • Go up the eastern lift and use any defensive cooldown you can to run as far past the guards as possible.
  • Die, take your ghost up the lift, then rez inside The Barrens territory.


  • Briefly go back towards the great lift guards, pull one back into The Barrens territory, then die so you rez at Camp Taurajo.
  • Go north on Gold Road, get Bramblescar (100xp) on the right, then at the bridge go east along the dry riverbed to Northwatch Hold (100xp).
  • Briefly climb up the southern ridgeline to get Raptor Grounds (100xp) then return back west through the dry riverbed to Gold Road.
  • Go north on Gold Road then go northeast to The Stagnant Oasis (100xp) where you'll die.
  • Rez at the Ratchet graveyard and briefly go west past the tree next to the road then back east to get the Ratchet (100xp) exploration experience.
  • From Ratchet, take the cliff path to the south to get The Merchant Coast (90xp), then return to Ratchet, grab the FP and get onto the ship.


  • Arrive in Booty Bay (100xp) and grab the FP. Rogues can train here.
  • Go north through the tunnel to Southern Savage Coast (0xp), then cross the road and go straight up the rocks to the north and west to the waterfall.
  • Drop down into the water and swim under the bridge and around to the western side of the island covered with naga mobs.
  • Race up the path past the naga, then further up the ridgeline until you die. Run your ghost back and position your ghost under the archway up top.
  • Wait for all nearby naga to move away as much as possible, then rez and run forward to get Mek'Mani Wellspring (100xp).
  • From the graveyard, follow the road east and north to the Bloodsail Traitor on the right side of the road.
  • Climb up the rocks and along the right side of the ridge picking up Mistvale Valley (100xp) and then Wild Shore (100xp).
  • Continue climbing over the rocks east then north to The Crystal Shore (0xp), then run north along the shore getting The Ruins of Aboraz (100xp).
  • Run back down south until you pass Gorlash, then swim southeast to Jaguero Isle (100xp). Die and rez.
  • From the graveyard, go north along the left side of the road, watching out for gorillas on the right.
  • When the road turns northeast, switch over to the right side of the road to avoid the gorillas on the left.
  • Go through the big archway to get Gurubashi Arena (100xp) then carefully pick up Ruins of Jubuwal (100xp) further ahead on the right.

Level 10: Approximately 8 hours /played

  • At this point, you should be close to level 10 and can camp at Gurubashi Arena for the Arena Master trinket (but first return to Booty Bay to repair your gear and train skills if you're a Rogue) or hearth back and start adventuring.