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A Night Elf Mace Rogue's Path to Thunderfury


2/22/05 - The Beginning of a Mace Rogue

The tale begins below with this screenshot of Zodar, my Night Elf Rogue, at Go'Shek Farm in Arathi Highlands. I'd previously spent my hard earned gold purchasing the rare Excavator's Brand on the Auction House to replace my weak main hand weapon. I knew full well that such a purchase could delay my first mount, but I sorely needed an upgrade. After equipping that mace, I noticed an immediate improvement. Sinister strikes hit much harder and the weapon's fireballs quickly finished enemies off. My search for that ultimate mace led me to make a Maces chart, then more weapons charts, and eventually all of the other charts and resources that can now be found on my site. The next few levels flew by as I smashed my way through Arathi Highlands to level 40.

The Beginning of a Mace Rogue

4/30/05 - Rite of Passage

Seventeen levels later, I'm still wielding maces, which I use to solo Plugger Spazzring for my Barman Shanker.

Rite of Passage

5/12/05 - Ding!

Level 60 achieved. Time to experience endgame.


6/2/05 - I love it when a plan comes together

I've just solo'd Bannok Grimaxe for the Arcanite Reaper plans.

I love it when a plan comes together

6/3/05 - Epic mount money

And here's the 1,426 gold I made selling those plans.

Epic mount money

6/7/05 - Ready to raid

I'm not even in a guild at this point, but I have all my consumables ready to go.

Ready to raid

6/19/05 - My first UBRS raid

My first exposure to Damage Meters and my preparations seem to have paid off.

My first UBRS raid

7/30/05 - My first Molten Core raid

Raiding in Molten Core with my first guild, Call of the Wild. My trusty maces still haven't let me down.

My first Molten Core raid

8/2/05 - Rising through the ranks

Now I'm starting to get into PVP while upgrading my consumables collection.

Rising through the ranks

8/7/05 - Topping the WSG Leaderboard

One of my first times atop the WSG a Combat Maces Night Elf Rogue. Bonus: Longarms is way down the board at 3 Killing Blows and 16 Deaths on his way to 9 months at Grand Marshal.

Topping the WSG Leaderboard

8/13/05 - Assassin

My first deathless battleground.


9/8/05 - Knight-Lieutenant

Here's one more BG result. By now, I've reached Knight-Lieutenant with nearly twice as many kills as the next highest player in the match.


11/11/05 - Guild Change

Call of the Wild has splintered and I make the move to Order of Sanctus along with many of the other members who left. I'm still rocking maces, 6 months after hitting 60.

Bindings of the Windseeker

11/13/05 - Bindings of the Windseeker

I must have done something right as I'm awarded Bindings of the Windseeker.

Bindings of the Windseeker

1/4/06 - Bindings of the Windseeker Pt. 2

Two months later, I get my second Bindings of the Windseeker.

Bindings of the Windseeker Pt. 2

2/22/06 - Thunderaan defeated

Thunderaan is defeated. Much thanks to Order of Sanctus for making that possible.

Thunderaan defeated

2/26/06 - Thunderfury!

Did someone say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?


3/5/06 - Another Thunderfury??

Fellow Night Elf Rogue Kaidenn gets the first of two Bindings of the Windseeker...

Another Thunderfury??

3/5/06 - 16 minutes later...

...and 16 minutes later Kaidenn gets the second Bindings of the Windseeker!

16 minutes later...

3/17/06 - Twin Thunderfuries!!

This tale ends with two Thunderfury wielding Night Elf Rogues in the same guild!

Twin Thunderfuries