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Shadow Panther's Additional Classic Resources

Here is a collection of more Classic resources I've developed over the years:

3/18/24: SoD Phase 3 Alliance Quest Prep Chart

11/28/23: Rogue Tank Armor Chart

11/12/23: Season of Discovery Armor Chart

11/12/23: Season of Discovery Weapons Chart

8/21/19: Classic Rogue Links

8/19/19: The Gladius Grind

8/12/19: Stress Testing Stealth, MoD and Shadowmeld

8/4/19: Alliance Exploration Leveling Guide

8/2/19: A Night Elf Mace Rogue's Path to Thunderfury

7/30/19: Main Hand Progression Chart

11/27/08: Rogue Races Chart

4/3/07: Stealth Chart

9/15/06: Consumables Shopping List

12/2/05: Molten Core Checklist

11/3/05: Epic Distribution Chart

10/15/05: Farming the Cenarion Salve Plants in Felwood